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  1. Just wondering i'm playing this mod pack solo, i would be great to setup a server and play with friends. Is a server in the works?
  2. Hey guys,, i now have my power system up and running magmatic engines powering conduit to my machines. I do have a redstone power storage that stores 600,000 units. With IC2 out in the lastest patch is there any storage larger then 600,000 units? and what are my power options after magmatic engines?
  3. can someone help me out here. I'm on a mac i cant find the world nether folder. there is nothing in the install folder. I've also looked for anything in app support folder and nothing. Can someone tell me where i can find it. I've changed the .cfg file and now need to regen the nether. thanks all.
  4. Just redid a new server and can recreate the crash every time. place a water strainer, place wooden conductive pipe and attached a stone conductive pipe and it crashes every time. anyone have a solution? thanks all.
  5. update i tried reinstalling client still crashes. I then recreated a new world and that works just fine. so there is something in the old world when i placed that block that messed things up.
  6. Title: After placing stone conductive pipe client freezes Version: 3.1.3 OS: OSX mountain lion Java Version: Jave 7 update 10 Description of Problem: I have been running the server for about a week. When the crash happened I just placed a stone conductive pipe with a wooden conductive pipe attached to a water generator. Now when i goto log in i'm able to get to the minecraft screen, i pick multiplayer, click on server and then after about 30 seconds it get a white screen. Has anyone else seen this before? I've search for any time of fix but cant seem to find any. I'm going to attem
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