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  1. Title: Unable to Login to self-hosted server Version: 3.1.3 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Java Version: JDK & JRE 7u10x64 Description of Problem: After starting my new Tekkit v3.13 server successfully, When i attempt to login to it with my Technicpack launcher (Set on tekkit obviously) It tells me i am missing four mods. I have already attempted to re-download the launcher to no avail. And those mods are indeed outdated in the launcher files. But when i simply copy them over from the server files it crashes. Error Messages: 04:43:00 [iNFO] WafflesNCyanide was disconnecte
  2. Hey guys! I'm not completely sure this is where this goes but i couldnt find a better place. I am having difficulty using the Sphax texture packs. I have loaded them as per the directions and with the 64x version every dirt block has 2 tiny squares of fire in the top right corner and in the 32x version any running water that isnt level says "No Patch" all over it. Is there something i am doing wrong?
  3. I wouldnt mind checking it out. Voltz looks really neat. skype is LifeofEndlessDeath or you can PM me on here.
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