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  1. ~GreedCraft~ I run a Small 50 slot server with a completely Legitimate item world. That means no OP's or admins have ever spawned items every item in the server is a farmed item, We are looking for players worth building with and having fun! everyones able to join. Our Rules. No Hacking (perm ban instant) No spawn killing No Griefing (Instant ban) Stealing is allowed if the block is unlocked or a door is left open PVP is allowed someone can come into your house and kill you and take the items in your inventory (LOCK YOUR DOORS) Dont Ask admins for items/OP Rank if theres an admin spot open you can apply for it here. Dont spam chat ????=4258 Feature's. No mods Removed No restrictions No banned items World edit for admins Unlimted world expansion 100%Legit World No admin abuse Great Adult based mature Community No Lag No world Limit 50 slots! SERVER IP = ednos.net:25568 (include port)
  2. Everyone added And Server is up Snooze i dont know what your issue is i have taken you off and on the whitelist
  3. Built my personal house out of the Fortress Thinking about unwhitelisting Thoughts?
  4. Follow the Torch path to Find a Town My personal House and A fortress Plus a battletower.
  5. EDNOS CRAFT :ednos.net:25568 Hi Im Forsvinna And 12kool2 Ingame I run a small Server that has a small Community we were playing on TekkitLaunch But have decided to switch to Hexxit We wish you to apply and come and try the server Its also Completely Vanilla However if enough people wish for plugins i will add them. SERVER RULES No Hacking. No Spawn Killing No Griefing Stealing Items Is Allowed Breaking levers or buttons Or Placing Levers and buttons to get into a door is allowed Dont break the door just open it. (no Grief) Dont Spam chat Dont Be a D-BAG WHITELIST APPLICATION: IGN: AGE: US OR UK: AGREE TO THE RULES? MICROPHONE Y/N: JUST SOME INFORMATION: No Mods Removed No banned items No Plugins 100% Vanilla Currently 24/7 Uptime Super Tired ATM Will Add "Flair" Later
  6. Whitelist is updated I took the old whitelist off the old server so if you applied on the last thread your still whitelisted!
  7. Yes thats True blind i have changed the modpack! and me and Kishar are working on the plugins i have updated the thread and will be taking the old one down
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