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  1. IGN: Mitenz17 Skype Name: Mitenz77 Would you help others if help is needed?: Of course
  2. Age: 18 IGN (In Game Name): Mittenz77 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I have played tekkit lite in the past and it was the most fun I've ever had with minecraft. The new Tekkit that was recently launched seems to add a lot more fun and interesting mods that I'd love to play around with. What Do you want to Build? I really enjoyed making automated machines in tekkit lite, so something of that nature, along with setting up a shop.
  3. Is this server currently offline? I'm getting the "Can't reach server" message
  4. Name: Mittenz77 Age:18 What do you wish to accomplish?:Having fun while building creative projects on a town based server Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Yep what is the purpose of a macerator? Breaks down ores into dust for more efficient smelting (doubles amount of bars produced) Recommendations(if you been invited): None Others things i should know: Eastern Time, very active minecraft player looking to commit to a single server Thanks for your time
  5. Great time playing yesterday, however now whenever i attempt to connect I get an error saying Connection Lost End of Stream Not sure if this has something to do with me or the server, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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