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  1. That's the problem: how do you get SPC for voltz? because once I get SPC I can get worldedit.
  2. that's what I need help with. ...SPP stands for 'survival single player,' right? because I obviously have that.
  3. but let's say I download worldedit straight form the web and attempt to install it into voltz. would it work that way too?
  4. there is not crash error for me, Singleplayer commands just doesn't load.
  5. Yeah, that's what I meant. But for world edit, you need to get single player commands first, which isn't working for me...
  6. Actually, I meant the commands like //wand and //set 0. sorry for being ambiguous.
  7. I tried installing it manually, but to no avail. the automatic single player commands doesn't seem to work either, I'm afraid.
  8. Herro :3 A while ago i ran into a problem where I could not get Singleplayer commands to run (I needed it to finish a large scale Soviet lab). I tried installing it with the automatic installer, but with no success. I tried to manually install it by treating the minecraft bin in Voltz like an ordinary minecraft bin. Still no luck! I would really appreciate it if I got some help regarding how to install SPC to Voltz. Shanks a lot, Masterrawad
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