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  1. Hey can you please make a video on this? Might be messing up
  2. Suolake I did make the server and I put BukkitForge into coremods. I installed those plugins, they didnt work.
  3. Help! I downloaded the most recent version of Bukkit Forge from the link, installed some plugins (most were on the working list) and none work! Here they are: Autorank, ChatManager, ChestShop, dynmap, Essentials (all except groupmanager), GriefPrevention, iConomy, Jobs, Modifyworld, Modreq, PEX, NCP, Randomport, Scavenger, ShortGameMode, TekkitCustomizer, TekkitToolKit, Vault, WorldEdit Thank you for helping, I don't know the issue!
  4. Hello! So my small 20-slot tekkit server currently runs GroupManager. Whenever I do /manuadd it any other commands, it says "An internal error has occured". I do not know what the problem is, but I know that the permissions are coded right and I am not making any silly mistakes. On the other hand, if no one knows what the issue there is, what would the best plugin to use be overall? You can still say it's GroupManager despite the error. I have recently used PermissionsEX but it was very complex. Thank you for your time and assistance! P.s. you can join us on TriTekkit at 17
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