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  1. yo srry you havent heard from me in sutch a long time but I was in an eccident so I cant really manage the server but I left OP and Console power in Aspiers hands so it should be fine, I dont know when I will be back when I do know I tell you guys,
  2. fixing that now, also read other posts before you post someting: can you add essentials? read the post above!
  3. the server will be back up in 2-3 hours, aslo im off to work so I wont be online will be online the next 2 hours. But when I'm back Ill keep a close eye on the server to see if comes back online, also note that the IP adress will different then the one we are using now but I will update that when the server is back online on the main threat. So see all in 2 hours!
  4. To everyone, this message is from the host regarding the server move( keep in mind it is in UK timezone): Server Move Tomorrow Hi Guys Tomorrow, all 193 servers will be moved into our Cheltenham data centre. This will prevent any more downtime in which we have experienced in Wolv. All machines will be powered off between 10-11:30AM and will be transported to Cheltenham, where they will be swiftly racked and powered on again. We will make this transition as fast as possible and we are extremely sorry for the downtime this will cause. During this time, please do not create any support tickets, thank you! PS: You will keep all your files and backups etc.
  5. important: also it looks like the IP adress will be changed so keep that in mind before posting on planet minecraft, and did you only copy the page I made on this forum? because I keep updating that very often can I also this on the planet minecraft site??
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