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  1. If you copy that block for block, it works, at least for me
  2. That recipe doesn't work, so I'm assuming that it is the recipe is the one I use when the next update comes for Voltz?
  3. Coils, as far as I can see, are only used in making transformers, but without transformers, blowing up battery boxes and machines are inevitable. NEI doesn't have the recipe, is that just a bug in NEI or can you not create them?
  4. Lets use obsidian for sake of example. To get obsidian dust you dump obsidian in an enrichment chamber with power. But what do you do with this dust? Its not obsidian ingots, is it? How do we convert obsidian dust to ingots?
  5. So how do you make antimatter, I know its to do with haddron colliders and particle acceleraters, though I've never got them working (it could be to do with how I'm powering it, so can you explain that as well)? Thanks for your time! EDIT: That guy is awesome, and that video will teach you how to make stuff to blow the hell out of your world. If our reading this, CDRom91, thank you very very much.
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