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  1. I can sense the hoard of tekkit fan boys running at me to defend their nipple
  2. The people who make technic and tekkit did not get permissions from the modders, to use their mods. Therefore, making it an illegal business. The makers of technic can make money off of ads, and other people's work. And, I don't even understand why people still use this anyway. It is outdated, illegal, and is missing great mods, like forestry. Here are my reasons why I hate tekkit and technic: Didn't get permission for all of the mods. Which caused forestry to be coded by Sengir to be incompatible bringing me to my next point No forestry. 85% of the Tekkit community is 10-12 year old noobs that whine to you on how to use the mods. (My experience at least) If a mod gets updated, it will be ages until Tekkit gets that version. With big tekkit updates, they change a bunch of id's causing previous worlds to become corrupt People also think tekkit is a MOD, which is insane. They should at least give lots of credit to the modders. These are my reasons why tekkit is bad.
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