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  1. Oh sorry to hear that thagaruda I hope you get well soon and I made something for you in our house and added a second floor, got tons of diamonds and emeralds using my new fortune 3 paxel so yeah hope you get well soon!!!! :)
  2. yeah i know im building it because i herd an explosion 100 blocks away from our place while mining so yeah
  3. hey in our home I assorted all the materialls and smelted all the ore in your room bred the animals and labled the chests and finished the garden :)
  4. yeah ill make it so you can change it but you have to make an account first unless if you have one already and It has to be live to make the changes k
  5. yeah I copied parts of it (the server details) and some player comments about it and the forum post isnt final I can change it anytime if the server details get changed