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  1. I have been following the "Building Your Own Modpack" tutorial but when it came to archiving the files in the minecraft.jar and putting them into a modpack.jar I came into a slight problem. I selected all the files in the modpack.jar (Opened with WinRAR) and clicked add to archive and then a window pops up asking me what files to archive. I saw nothing like this in the tutorial and I thought that the files I selected would be the ones archived and not any extra steps. I could click the minecraft.jar in the pop up but I don't want it to put the minecraft.jar in my modpack.jar (A little confusing?). I want to completely avoid redistributing it, that's all. Sorry if it's hard to understand what I mean. Edit: Sorry, I didn't realize lukeb28 had a more clear guide on the forums, I fixed my problem.
  2. Just as the title says, do I need to put forge in my custom modpack? I wanna make one but most mods need forge so before I make it I just wanna know if I need to put forge in it first or not. Is it already in the custom modpack?
  3. I am actually trying to play with my little brother. I know what it is but I saw other options different from regular minecraft so I just wanted to know if I just do the same as I normally do on minecraft?
  4. Thank you, I am reassured now.
  5. I'm not sure if this was already mentioned but it seems I have the choice to use LAN now? It seems a little more complicated to use and I don't wanna mess anything up. Can someone tell me how to use this? (This is my first thread so I might not be doing this correctly, sorry.)
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