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  1. I've been wondering the same thing lately. It's really got a lot of excellent machines that add possibilities. Examples including: higher tier ore multiplication a lovely machine that generates power AND oxygen for your space travel needs, and for added fun, a movable teleport point, rather than a static coordinate. If you think that's not very useful, try boarding an air ship from the ground without flight. Perhaps it's bad planning to get locked out of your air ship, but having the option to beam back up with your portable teleporter is always nice. I don't see much reason for the mod to be excluded, but maybe I'm just missing something. I suppose many of it's features are covered already, but it's unique features stand out enough for me to bare a little redundancy.
  2. No genocide resulted, as you can see they are all just frozen at the bottom of the nothingness that was once their home, possibly out of fear and shock. Exiting and reentering the game restores The End as it was prior to entering the blast radius. My results have been displayed sufficiently I believe. Method: 1. Place one Ender Explosive in The End (Details concerning acquisition of the explosive and method of travel to The End is irrelevant) 2. Apply red stone signal to ignite the explosive 3. Enter explosion's blast radius 4. Fly to prevent falling into the void below 5. Explore the featureless area Optional 6. Exit game (preferably near a crystal or above known solid ground) and reenter, this will place you back in The End as normal. Hypothesis: What happens if I blow this up here?
  3. I woke up today in a mood to do science. Distracted from my recent findings regarding the secrets of antimatter production, I glanced at the Ender Explosives with intrigue. Setting one off with not so much as a hypothesis as to it's effects, I found myself in The End. While not describing The End as alien would do it an injustice, It was a familiar place to me, as it should be to most others. I then found myself wondering what the explosives would do here. The results of this explosion were more interesting. Rather than doing nothing, or sending me elsewhere, The End ceased to exist. To elaborate, the explosion shunted me off about 100 meters away, all blocks vanished and all entities were frozen in place, though still animating. Strangely however, the nonexistant blocks seem to still repel, though attempting to stand where they should be does not end flight. Also worth noting, the minimap has become fixated, moving causes the mark to jitter but not move, while the coordinates work as normal. The results are fully reproducible and nonpermanent. Exiting and reentering the world restores the the end around you, and setting off the explosive puts you back into the nothingness that was once...only slightly less empty. Images provided for scientific posterity: Note the emotional distress of the Endermen to my 3rd use of the explosive silhouette of the vanished land silhouette and land vanishing as I approach Crystals and Enderdragon suspended in the nothingness the natives confused about their sudden loss of land Note: This is not a bug report. I am not requesting help or a patch, I just felt like sharing the results of my experiment. It does not seem to cause harm to the game and there is no reason or benefit to reproduce it. The devastation this may cause in multiplayer has yet to be researched however, more testing required. My findings shall be reported here.
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