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  1. Hey this my new BigDig Server and I want you to join! ip: Just a small(maybe laggy for some) nice server nice owners, and we hope you enjoy! No mods taken out. There is a home command it is /home set No Greifing and No stealing! Owners: Diamondmaster44 and Texasrock. No whitelist. And you could add me on skype: Mason.Anderson96
  2. Bro just calm down it was fricken temporary GOD! THAT WAS A DICK MOVE AND what is your in game name?
  3. Sever rules NO GRIEFING!! BE NICE! PVP! Pretty much everything goes! _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ No banned items!!!! _________________________________________________________________________________ Ok well this was just suppost to be a small like friend server BUT now i want people to join........ So join please. _________________________________________________________________________________ It will be changing from this to minecraft, to tekkit classic, to hack/mine so be aware! _________________________________________________________________________________ I would love to have nice staff and a nice community too! _________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Yeah i know don't have to be a dick about it.... and we might be getting a new ip! GOD
  5. Bro im sorry that the server is down right now hopfully gunna get a new ip and ok minecraftaan.... and it wasnt updated fully
  6. By the way everyone please make/do something to tell me you have been on ok?!
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