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  1. Drakex1687 dont join the server right now you are crashing it every time you join.
  2. FYI Started a Voltz server same ip but with a different port

    Its a small server that will not be public, just for the few i trust in harsh server.

  3. Spawn was badly griefed and i had to ban three people one was spamming chat with tr-dupe tring to dupe and the other two were griefing spawn
  4. Hey guys i cant log on to the server i keep getting an error and wont let me log in :(
  5. IGN- spartan129398. Age- 14. Name- Andrew. How long have i been on Harsh? 4 months. Server reputation- everyone likes me(that i am aware of). I love to help out players whenever i can. I play tekkit as often as i can (very often).I would act as my role would be needed. I know how to play tekkit more than the average player been playing tekkit for two years. i hope you make me an mod. you do a great job of keeping the server up and people happy on it. Thank you for your time -spartan129398
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