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  1. Combustion engines create more power with lava per tick than magmatic engines but with the risk of a disastrous explosion, so unless you can come up with an extreme infinite water pool (which is impossible if the combustion engines are sucking too much) but the safest option is Magmatic Engines, ensure they are outputting to redstone energy conduits or you will find that they will stop working after a while (nothing that a quartz wrench cant fix but...) yeah highly recommend using redstone energy conduits combined with redstone energy cells as batteries if you cant, work with what you can but upgrade ASAP
  2. never mind, was trying to use a full layer of water, fixed the problem using running water instead over the item collectors
  3. ok so im attempting an auto chicken farm design legend: x: egg dispenser o :chickens h: hoppers i : Logistics pipes n :fire ball dispensers [ix ] [i oooon ] [i hhhh ] [i i i i i i ] problem 1: ok so i had the design above running, problem is, the hoppers will not output to the pipes, i ahve also tried changing the pipes to standing buildcraft pipes to the same problem, double checked that the hoppers were "connected" to the pipes, but they still just hold the items like they have no where to send the items, the logistics ppes are powered and connected to a receiving me interface, the pipes arent the issue since neither logistics pipes nor buildcraft pipes seem to work with hoppers, and the egg dispenser is working just fine do note that there are no forms of redstone interfering (no redstone in the building period other than the computer connected to the dispenser, but thats at least 8 blocks from where im working if i put a hopper on top of a hopper and throw something into it, it goes to the bottom hopper without any problem but the bottom hopper will not output to the pipes, but ive got no way of getting the items out of the hoppers into the network, or do i need to replace the pipes with me interfaces.... problem 2 same design as before but item collectors instead of hoppers. new chicks kept falling through the item collectors. (according to google its a known problem that new chickens fall through non solid blocks, but could find no solution) I walk into my extensive basement, next thing i know...."BUCK BUCK BUCK" vroooom!..."Buck Buck" vroooom! and im like ohh nooooo! my basement is swarming with my new chickens (no really there were like 50 chickens in my basement LOL) problem 3 same design but with water above the collectors, 6 chickens, 2 hours later no change in numbers, i look up chicken on the wiki and found that as of 1.4.2, new chickens drown in water (something i wasnt aware of) so now im at a loss, do new chickens also fall through hoppers? any ideas?
  4. found a fix took my pc to my friends place, after 2 hours of troubleshooting, we found that the antivirus was locking the dll files in bin/natives, so to fix that we disabled the antivirus from starting at sstartup, now it works fine for those who refuse to turn off your antivirus there is a workaround, in the folder of whatever game your playing you need to go into bin/natives, and delete all of the dll files, then relaunch your launcher and you can play without deleting the entire folder
  5. sorry, need to bump, still cant get tekkit to work
  6. done, still having trouble (the launcher is always set to run as admin) also tried compatability mode for windows XP same errors before the launcher update there weren't any issues, that's the odd bit, and there hasn't been changes to my system (At a loss, even tried updating video drivers (already up to date!!)) and i really dont think a reformat is gonna fix anything (i only just formatted this thing a month back) guess ill just have to play vanilla and mod it myself...
  7. we need to know EXACTLY what version of java your using, just "Java 7" doesn't cut it I'm using "java 7 update 45", see the difference? rum cmd.exe and type "java -version" then post your result
  8. didn't work, seems to be an irrelevant fix...my problem isnt that its not downloading, my problem is that it just wont launch, with this error coming up in the launchers console: edit1:interesting part is, while its saying filenotfound, the file is actually there (i checked), and why its saying access denied is beyond me its running as Administrator!!!!!!!!! and yes this IS an ADMINISTRATOR account!! please see: My Topic which outlines other steps I have tried (click here) edit2: Please also see my pastebin log (Warning: EXTREMELY long log): http://pastebin.com/gyEpjWUj deleting tekkit and reinstalling DOES NOT fix any ideas why it cant download any resource files? downloads everything else just fine, anyone have a full resource zip they can share?
  9. Thats a modpack bug. Please contact the author of the pack. This is not the place for modpack bugs. Also I wouldn't be surprised if you get a 3 day ban. Modpack bug reports are against the rules if you had even bothered reading them...
  10. That didn't work for me. Still getting the error
  11. thats the exact same error we got too, same file,same set of "errors" which actually seem to point at the launchers source code...
  12. good to know that im no longer the only one with this prob :)
  13. you need to update your java, first, download java 7 update 45 (if you have a 64bit version of windows (more than 2GB ram) then search and download "java 7 x64 update 45 download") then, remove your current version of java, reboot install the new version, reboot (this is a necessary step to register the new installation of java fully)
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