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  1. Hey whenever i try to install towny for tekkit 3.1.2 it doesnt work even though it is green when i do /pl help please
  2. Guys please join this server we may be a little rough as we are a new server but we will listen to the players and fix any problems ASAP so please if you bring 5 players you will also get $50000 ingame cash as a reward.
  3. Hey

    Could you please have a look at my server circuitcraft on the open servers please?

    1. Chris Anderson

      Chris Anderson

      And accept it please so other players can see it

    2. Torezu


      This is really not something you want to do. Had you read the server posting thread completely, you would have realized this.

  4. CircuitCraft strives to be the most friendly server you'll ever play on. When you join expect to bombarded with welcomes. All our players are happy to help, none more so than our knowledgeable group of staff. IP: Rules: No griefing (theft, damage to others property, etc) Swearing should be kept to a minimum No PVP No asking for handouts No asking for promotions Do not use hacked clients or mods such as x-ray Plugins: Lockette - Prevent people stealing your stuff Factions - Group together for protection and make friends Chest Shop - Buy and sell your stu
  5. Hey guys i need a lot of help with my server plugins so if you were willing to help i would make you head admin just dont mess with any of the plugins that i already have thanks and to get in contact add m on skype as follows: chrisanderson16
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