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  1. your modpack seems to be down again, please find a way to get it working again it has everything i want in a pack but i cant load it. =(

  2. Dear ganinian i'm having a download problem it says.......

    error downloading file for the pack: Tech It Up

    failed to download

    please consult the modpack author

  3. Dear ganinian, the download is working now! Thank you! However, on your Mod list you have Galacticraft listed, but It seems that it is not included in the version I downloaded. Is this intended?I've also noticed the lack of the Flans Mod, and possibly others. I would really love to have Galacticraft included in your (quite incredible) mod Pack. Thanks!

  4. Dear ganinian, i have some problems with downloading your modpack as well. You should consider another download source such as Mediafire or somthing, other than dropbox

  5. Dear ganinian, are you the creator of the Tech it Up modpack? If so, I am unable to download your Mod (Which looks very promising, by the way) due to some inability to connect to Dropbox and download it. Is this a common problem?


  6. The thing is, if they worry so much about the adfly and stuff, why do they even put the mirror links? Assuming most people use it.