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  1. Eh man that sucks >< so i suppose not being there, which hence unloads the chunk dont reset the mobs that were inside the chunk"?
  2. Wow thanks for the help guys. So would it be optimal to wipe or kill the agro'ed mobs? then will it be safe again as long as no one mines etc?
  3. I use mcmyadmin, ive set difficulty to easy, restarted a couple times. But despite that my users are being attacked when they enter the nether. Any ideas why and how i can fix this?
  4. Ive tried using vault 1.2.16 for tekkit 3.1.3 but on the console it says it maybe out of date etc. (i even gave 1.2.17 a go). Is there no vault that works with the latest tekkit?
  5. Is there an admin shop plugin that works on supply and demand? Many thanks..
  6. Hello everyone! Im just wandering if theres a roadmap hidden below the mountains of other posts in this forum. I just want to find out which version of bukkit each release has so i can use the one that has most plugins available for that version. (On testing 1.2.5 R5 is for 3.1.3 [i think]) I cant wait for new versions as i want to use server mods such as citizens2 and related stuff.
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