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  1. Re: hello plzz read this, it is about the 1.2.5 update white screen/update failed well some of us want to play the 1.2.5 and they said they fixed it or so someone said they did in the new launcher.
  2. ================== warning adult language ================== OK Technic/tekkit people don't fuck around with us anymore not trying to be rude just u know what the problem is for the 1.2.5 update plz fix it i saw the post happen to many times for this to be ignored and i am not going to stand by while people who bought the game cant play this on 1.2.5. so one thing if this doesn't get fixed i will not use Technic nor tekkit at all and i bet everyone else would agree that all we ant is to use this for all versions(1.2.5 update). so fix now plz.
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