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  1. I've been having this same issue, but on a fresh server install. I have not tested the new 1.0.5 build
  2. I ran the new tekkit on a server with 8gb of dedicated memory and playing with only two people on the server I was still getting reports of massive delays. This was hosted on a 12Mb/s connection stored on a raid10 volume. I hosted Tekkit classic for 10x as many players and experienced very little lag. I believe that the lag is an inefficiency with dimensions but i'm not exactly sure what causes it, as other computers and servers seem to run fine. May be something going on with the Java builds that cause issues. I'll play around with it some more and will let you know.
  3. Yeah AE seems to do a great job in replacing item sorting and storing. So far the only thing i've really missed was the bundled redstone cable and frames (I've actually never played with frames but I hear they are buggy and can eat chunks, so I dont exactly miss them).
  4. Rednet cable is with the rednet controller is amazing. Is there a way to control signals across the cable with computercraft?
  5. What is the redstone reception coil for? I noticed that it stays in my inventory even though it is a required item. Still even more mysteriously it disappears when I right click on the blue spawning block in the station with it equipped.
  6. Sounds good, Thank you.
  7. How do I pump from the pools of sluge and sewage in the new tekkit? BC pumps do not work and the MineFactory sewer and sludge processors do not work. Thanks edit: a warning for signing my post? really?
  8. Build #186 of galacticraft does not resolve issues with the Oxygen Sealer however. The fix for this issue os only available in 1.5.2 minecraft and tekkit is deployed with 1.5.1 (even in the dev build).
  9. Hello all. -edit- I really hate leaving out information that people might need to help. But I also know how daunting a huge wall of text is to even bother looking at so here is the short version, before everything else: tl;dr how do I pump/collect sludge and sewage from pools? how can I use computers with rednet cables? Are the oxygen systems broken on the moon? -end edit- I've recently moved from tekkit classic to the new Tekkit (1.0.3?) and have had a great time learning about and playing with the new mods. Galacticraft has obviously been great to mess with but this is t
  10. Poent


    Same problem here. Tekkit classic no problems. 1.0.3 lags to all hell when hosted. This occurs with both server hardware and local desktop. Let me know whats needed to help troubleshoot.
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