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  1. Minecraft Username:PharaohScorpion Age:15 Have you ever been banned? No i haven't What do you plan to do on the server? i plan to do all the Science and Magic things What is your previous experience with tekkit?i have been playing for 2 years
  2. IGN:PharaohScorpion and my friend Scthychz he cannot create and accont in the forum so i will Post for he too if u guys want. Reason for Wanting to join:Me:I love tekkit and all servers i join is public so i'm searching for a whitelisted for low number of peoples in game. My Friend:He want to now more about Tekkit and Minecraft. Experience:Me:2 years of Tekkit, my Friend:1 months. Magic or Science:Me:Science and Magic i create a lot of games and play with those 2, my Friend don't know anything.
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