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  1. Some Plugins are bugged with BukkitForge, I think dynmap is one of them.
  2. Get the 1.4.7 build of it not the latest version
  3. I'm gonna switch back over to Regular Bukkit, If you guys wanna still play then the IP is gonna be the same, I'm gonna be changing the website though and It's just gonna change back to PVP, Factions, SG and Other Stuff I gotta add.
  4. Pytohost has REALLY GOOD Service, I use them and I pay 21 a month for 72 slots with Little to No Lag at All. I Recommend them. They also have really fast response service.
  5. Whitelisted, Have Fun! Also, I'm working on a new perm spawn right now and gonna be adding some stuff in soon to increase the gameplay and also make it public really soon.
  6. Ip: Website: http://platformvoltz.enjin.com Rules: Plain and Simple, Just No Griefing and Stuff like that, You can see all rules ingame by doing /rules Banned Items: No Items are banned just don't be stupid and use nukes all over the place. Uptime: 24/7 Unless there is Maintenance. Plugins: Essentials LWC ClearLagg Portable Workbench, Do /bench for Donors Only Worldedit, World Guard Factions will be added soon. and Alot More. Application: Username: Age: How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Do you know much about Voltz?: Why do you w
  7. Getting a reasonable amount of Players in the game, I'm gonna be working on Shop and Trying to Fix Factions since it's bugged. Thanks for all Your Support.
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