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  1. Hi, darkhoernchen. Have you found any solution to the console spamming buildcraft pipe thingy?

  2. UPDATE : I found the Pipe´s Block IDs it is = 166 but this ID is in both editions the same so I don´t know why the pipes are broken ? The damage value could be changed but I don´t know how to figure this out. Any help is welcome
  3. The API error is a bug by IC2 or AM (in the ic2 Forum many users have this error) I found the following: After changing the Pipes ID the Pipes will turn into ghost pipes! Nothing new I know but I am trying to fix it
  4. yes I could try it upload it on a filehoster or to dropbox and send me the link to your world8private message)
  5. The ID 181 is exactly the same in both edition thanks for the rest i tested it and fixed it to the patch.txt All Pipes now transform well, but the placed pipes are invisble and I don´t know why, sorry. Does the Pipe´s Id change when thy were set ? The Ids are the same in both versions. I don´t know why you get an error
  6. THANKS ! Yes I have missed teh fact that I can do 213:0 I will updadate the patch.txt as soon as possible
  7. the methode is not finished yet! there are some minor and mayor bugs and it will take time to fix all IDs
  8. Yes there is a problem: It is not possible to convert the following: 213 -> 453 213:1 -> 453:1 213:2 -> 453:2 beause after I add 213 -> 453 i cannot add 213:1 -> 453:1 anymore. I get the follwing message: Sorce ID 213:1 is already translated
  9. Please use my patch.txt. I will update this file when I find a bug I deleted 161 to 1 and I added 194:2 to 4092:2 When you find a bug please post the Block´s ID that I can fix it!
  10. when you start MIdas you can load a patch.txt klick at load and select the patch.txt
  11. Tekkit lite rocks !

  12. Play your Tekkit Classic world on Tekkit Lite !

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