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  1. I'm having the same problem. Is there no way to remove the dimensional anchor from the world? In my case the Anchor was placed in a mystcraft world, if that's of any use. EDIT: I deleted the Dimensional Anchors child mod of immibis (but left immibis_core in because of Forge ModLoader bitching about missing mods), I replaced the (at that moment empty) spot with dirt, and I copied Dimensional anchors back, but apparently the coremod leaves the world corrupt even when the dimensional anchor has been removed. Someone please respond, because our world has grown rather large since the last backup and I don't want to revert that far.
  2. You do need Sticky Resin, Copper and Tin for Solar Panels though. Which is where the EE2 Energy Condenser would have come in handy. But I see your point.
  3. Ah, okay, I hadn't actually looked into factorization yet. Still, if it's as close as you can get to a continuous resource gatherer, I won't complain about 3x ore output. Well, the modpack is based on industry, isn't it now? :P
  4. I can imagine an entire setup with redpower frames to also be pretty darn resource-heavy on servers. If not, great, then you could always do that for a passive income of resources, but if it is, is there any other way to automate the resource acquisition? As tekkit is all about making random people confuzled as heck about the setup while having everything done for you while you can do everything behind a monitor. At least to me it is. xD
  5. Miners, while certainly being prettier than quarries, need you to be at the location to move it at all times. It also doesn't take a lot more effort to just use an OV Scanner directly if you want valuable ores.
  6. The chance of more valuable materials being true, it doesn't take away the fact that underground chunks will still be loaded in, and while the cavern systems in general generate lag already, it doesn't take away the fact quarries only contribute to it. Of course, you can build quarries further away from the inhabited areas and use a single world anchor for every digging session, but world anchors are banned on most servers for logical reasons, and it still requires you to manually go pick the resources up, as I believe there is a set max. distance for item teleport pipes, which is a minor annoyance to say the least . It does take away the big ugly holes aspect, I actually hadn't thought of that. Thanks! :)
  7. An average gameplay in EE2: make a stone pick, make a divining rod, go diamond hunting, make a collector farm, done. I felt it was overpowered, but it sure is better than having a world full of massive quarry holes you need to make to get all the resources for the stuff you want to make or build. I feel Tekkit lacks a little in getting the resources in a balanced fashion, and tekkit lite lacks in getting resources without damaging the environment. (I'm referring to one of the first comments basically saying quarries are only used for EMC. If I'm wrong in doubting this, please feel free to correct) However, that's just my opinion. I run a simple server for me and my friends, and the quarry holes tend to not look very nice, or cause lag because of the increased amount of loaded chunks. Also, danidas, I didn't know you could make copper and tin with UU-matter?
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