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  1. InceptiModded is a server focused on bringing community back to Modded Servers! Community We have an average sized player base getting roughly 7 players a day but we want to expand and have more people join our community. We find it important for players to have a say in the running of the server so we are always open to suggestions or critiques of any kind! We also encourage players to trade so a mall/shopping centre has been built in the spawn town where people can claim a shop plot to trade items. Map There is a 2.5k World Border Radius to keep everyone fairly close together and we encourage people to live in towns or in teams! We currently only have a spawn town set up where anyone can start to build and a road can be connected to your base. We hope to have more towns set up around the map in the future! Grief Protection Players are able to use World Guard to protect their properties and we use Prism to log all actions on the server. Any griefs can be found and the culprit will be banned instantly. Rules Do Not Grief or Steal. Don't Be Rude to Other Players. No Automated Mining in the Overworld. Respect Other Player's Builds. No Artificial Chunkloaders. Plugins ModReq (Reporting plugin) WorldBorder WorldEdit Highlights (highlights IGNs in chat) IncepticraftIRC (Custom IRC plugin for cross server chat) ClearLag PermissionsEx IncepticraftFTB (Custom plugin for minor features) Votifier AutoSaveWorld LWC Prism WorldGuard BanItem Essentials Enjin Minecraft Plugin Restrictions Banned Quarries (Reasoning: http://bit.ly/18rXGJV) You cannot make Mystcraft Ages. More Information The server has no whitelist but all new players must complete a test answering questions on the information provided to gain access to the rest of the server. This is to ensure that all players have read the rules and people can't use the excuse "I didn't know" if they are caught breaking the rules. IP: mod.incepticraft.com Slots: 20 (Can be changed depending on popularity) Uptime: 24/7 to the best of our ability! Website Link TeamSpeak: incepticraft.teamspeak3.com Technic Platform Page Hope to see some of you on the server!
  2. Love this mod! Just 1 question though With the translocator carriages, how do you link them together? because currently they seem to go to a different carriage each time :P
  3. I've been using codeacademy.com to learn basic java stuff should I continue this or go straight into modding?
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