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  1. Ive been working a ton on the shops we have a good economy running. Come in and check it out.
  2. Setting up the new shop in the new world! its going to have close to 1000 items to buy!
  3. Hey guys, we have been working on the store at spawn, more and more items are being put up for spawn. Also we are looking for mods, we take players from the server people can apply at www.nuclearwinterminecraft.com Come on in and check us out.
  4. :) you most likely went to the Voltz server? We have had that up for a long time. We do tend to get fewer people that come in. It doesnt bother anyone because that means even less lag.
  5. Hey thanks man the comments are appreciated. I also wanted to add here that we have made mining turtles request only. Its the one way of griefing we cant stop. come on in and try us out.
  6. Everyone come on in! No mods disabled! server is running great and as always has been running great!
  7. Hey guys! We would like to announce our new dedicated Tekkit server! This server runs Linux 12.04 with a solid state drive, 5.0ghz processer and 16 gigs of ram + more bandwidth than is needed. If you are looking for a lag free community based tekkit server you have come to the right place! We are always looking for any type of input to make our servers better. Address - - - tekkit.nuclearwinterminecraft.com Website - - - www.nuclearwinterminecraft.com Register and join the community! Forums are now set up on our website. Donation tiers coming
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