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  1. When someone tries to place Logistics Pipes in a server it crashes, I also tested this using Single player the game crashes, any fixes?
  2. Just discovered TNT still explodes when set to: block TNT block damage:true
  3. Creepers no longer explode land/houses! I updated world guard and world edit to the latest versions then edited the config.yml under world Guard block-creeper-block-damage: true Also have grief prevention latest version installed
  4. nope I think I am going to give up on this for a few weeks/months until everything is fixed and working
  5. worldguard, worldedit, essentials, these 3 plugins working and I'm happy, The worldguard does not block tnt or do anything I change in the config, the world edit does not stop pvp in a non pvp area, neither does the "/region f greeting/farewell" work, essentials just locks you out completely from administrating the server and when you do basic commands like /help or /list it does nothing at all
  6. Same error here, I been using 73 version with no problems except no plugin works with it!
  7. 74 gives SEVER server errors and the server takes over 2 minuets to stop, I tried running with 63 works fine but world guard does not work correctly
  8. BukkitForge-74 Does not work in Tekkit Lite crashes the server DO NOT install it
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