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  1. Who is the person in Jay?'s avatar? I swear I had seen that character before somewhere, but I wasn't sure and I'm curious now
  2. We have finally enabled EE partially, so now you can use alchemy items in the server! Most of EE should be functional, although a few items have been disabled for security reasons, if you have any doubts ask one of our staff once you're in the server!
  3. Guys, if you look in the Original Post you may have noticed we have added a new survival world to our server, so that everyone can get the chance to play with us, even though we are still working on the lore world! Please pay us a visit, we'l be glad to give you some permissions so you may start your own adventure!
  4. Look guys, please bear with us, we've been having a tough month in terms of server management, and your applications will be considered and added As soon as Possible
  5. The world was ruled by mages, who Built a glorious civilization in the realm now known as the nether, they siphoned the world’s power to fuel their magic, and even though this allowed them to survive and thrive using the world’s Arcane energy, soon the mages would learn that their greedy consumption of the world’s magic power would end up leading to their ultimate doom. The mages had colonized the world as far as the eye could see, building towering monuments, obelisks that would absorb the magical essence of the planet. Cities and nations were built around these monuments, using their ene
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