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  1. Who is the person in Jay?'s avatar? I swear I had seen that character before somewhere, but I wasn't sure and I'm curious now
  2. We have finally enabled EE partially, so now you can use alchemy items in the server! Most of EE should be functional, although a few items have been disabled for security reasons, if you have any doubts ask one of our staff once you're in the server!
  3. Guys, if you look in the Original Post you may have noticed we have added a new survival world to our server, so that everyone can get the chance to play with us, even though we are still working on the lore world! Please pay us a visit, we'l be glad to give you some permissions so you may start your own adventure!
  4. Look guys, please bear with us, we've been having a tough month in terms of server management, and your applications will be considered and added As soon as Possible
  5. The world was ruled by mages, who Built a glorious civilization in the realm now known as the nether, they siphoned the world’s power to fuel their magic, and even though this allowed them to survive and thrive using the world’s Arcane energy, soon the mages would learn that their greedy consumption of the world’s magic power would end up leading to their ultimate doom. The mages had colonized the world as far as the eye could see, building towering monuments, obelisks that would absorb the magical essence of the planet. Cities and nations were built around these monuments, using their energy to fuel their expansion and prosperity. As the very centerpiece of the enormous Mage Civilization lied Emeryss, a town that was built upon the greatest source of Magical power in the world, an area known as the Mana Fields, where the great archmages of past had built the capital that would soon become the centre of all activity on the entire planet. The mages existed for thousands of years, living off of the world’s energy, although for a long time none of the inhabitants of this world had ever considered the damage that might be caused by the predatory exploration of the world’s resources, after these long years, some of the sons of the wizards would be born with no affinity to the world’s magic power, creating a new branch of Mankind, one that was not affected by the natural energy of the world, those who were called the “Absent” The great archmages, upon seeing the lack of magical potential in this new “race”, began to treat them as inferior, and many of the Absent were used as slave labor, serving the superior mages and being treated as abominations. The town of Emeryss became a symbol of despair, as the unruly Absent would be sent there, to the Mana Chambers, where they were drained of their life, which in turn was transformed into Magic Energy. At the same period of these happenings, an incredible artifact had been found inside of ancient ruins, this artifact would come to be known as the Black Hole Chest, and would be the sole cause of their demise. This chest was studied for years at the academies in Emeryss, and yet no scholar was capable of comprehending the purpose and the structure of this artifact. Although much effort was made to find out the chest’s original purpose, no results were obtained, and the great archmages became impatient. The Grand Archmage of Emeryss, Varius, decided to continue the investigation on his own accord, and he brought the chest with him to his laboratory, along with 12 of his best students. Upon setting down the artifact, the Grand Archmage used his power to contact some of the ancient beings who once lived on the planet. Upon attempting this ritual, the black hole chest’s engravings began to emit light, and it proceeded to open, sucking the power out of the 12 apprentices, and leaving them lifeless on the floor of the Laboratory. The Black Hole chest would then proceed to be hidden for many years to come, inside an enormous vault at the very base of the colossal obelisk that provided energy to the whole city, and average residents were never informed of any of the incident’s details. Soon Varius would pass away, giving his position to one of his most trusted apprentices, Mars. Once Mars assumed the rank of Grand Archmage, he resumed the investigation on the Black Hole chest. Although unlike his master, he decided that the Chest’s absorbing powers could be used to further the progress on the energy gathering of the great capital. Mars used the Black Hole Chest to amplify the power of Emeryss’s Obelisk, driving the absorption to absurd levels. The entire world around Emeryss started collapsing, turning into a hellish landscape. The commotion caused by the cataclysm surrounding the capital allowed for the Absent who were imprisoned within the Mana Chambers to escape, creating a gigantic riot throughout the city’s streets. Many of the greater mages created rifts into other dimensions, consuming most of their magical power, but escaping from the world’s end. The riot moved on until they arrived at the Obelisk’s Inner rings, where Mars stood, motionless, beside the Chest. As the Absent arrived at the scene, Mars collapsed to the ground, and magical energy started flowing out of his corpse, moving on towards the Ominous chest. The Chest proceeded to be sealed shut, and a gigantic rift opened up to another world. As the Absent escaped into the Rift, the remainder of the world collapsed, leaving nothing but ruins and memories. We are an ambitious tekkit server that is looking for experienced builders to help us complete our vision of what a story-based and adventure-filled server should be like. We are using Tekkit as a means to expand our creative possibilities and help establish the nature of the story and setting. What you have read above is but a sample of our lore which is currently being written and redesigned, we are looking for a conflicting setting, with high-tech and steampunk culture blending together in one world to make for a very interesting storyline If you get accepted, before building anything, ask one of our staff members for a lore briefing, as what is written above is not final and not even close to the full storyline we have planned As of now, our staff is pretty limited, but we have been able to handle ourselves for the past few months since the server was still taking it’s first steps. After the new version of Tekkit was released, we were forced to restart our map, and delete all of our work up until that point. Now that the map has been reset, we have built a very limited amount of structures, and we are looking for people with experience with Tekkit and Minecraft, so that we don’t have to rely on our small group of staff members to construct this enormous, story-filled world. The server will focus mostly on dungeons, with redstone systems rigged so that they can reset every so often, making them available to all players and only requiring manual resets every couple of days. We will work hard to provide new content at a fast pace so that the player’s won’t get tired of the current storyline progression and dungeon selection If you wish to sign up and help us with this project, please post in this topic with the following form: In Game Name: Age: How Long I Have Played With Tekkit: Have I Ever Been Banned: Why I Would Like To Work On This Project: Previous Building Experience: Also, if you have any questions about how we are going to run this server and how the features we hope to add will work, please post them, along with any concerns you may have, as we are very open to community suggestions. News! We have now finally opened a survival driven world, to be run along with our lore world, so you guys can play on the server while we work on the storyline aspects, and get to know a little more about you as you play, which may help you get a spot working on our lore world! We have enabled a greylist now, so you can come in the server to say hello, and just ask one of our staff members for permissions so that you may start playing, make sure to make a good first impression though, and have fun! We have installed towny and a few more plugins to make it so the survival world is as stable as possible, if you have any questions, just ask us! There will probably be at least one of us on for quite a while! Hooray! We have finally been able to figure out most of the bugs and we can now safely enable parts of EE!, although we have disabled the philosopher's stone, all byproducts of this item will be available for sale in the shop in the first city! Now you can use alchemy to enhance your experience on the server, so stop by as soon as you can! The Server IP is: And our Mumble IP is: Port: 63264
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