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  1. Idk if you will ever read this:

    Nightfury banned me, can you PM me your Skype?

  2. =======UPDATE======= Server is down now, currently we havent decided if its for ever or just for some Weeks/Months, but, Map is gone, thats a fact.
  3. Nomnomnom, First of all, crashing the server results in a Ban, you and conor should know that. 2. Server was offline because Kilth was veeery ill. 3. Noone was online because of the huge down time 4. We have Problems with paying the server, so in about 7 days you can say: R.I.P Bloodbane
  4. Uhm.. idk.. i just deleted all her plugins.. but why her server "died" now.. idk..

  5. Even if you would have found 500, please unblock me at steam, i enjoyed the TF2 matches with you, i promise you, i wont talk about server if ou dont want
  6. O, kilth, just got told that server will be closed soon, can you unblock me then? I ever liked you as person, and not just for Server stuff... i also enjoyed our no-tekkit talks :D
  7. ??? Lol, what do you mean? immature? dont you think its a bit immature to just block someone without telling him the reason and all? Do you mean i was annoying? Or do you mean that story with the RM furnace i havent spawned? Or do you mean something else? Like the broken promise you gave me? The ppl you opped, wich opped other ppl and made them "Owner"? Ok, now i got the reason for my ban, but i told gotix to keep a eye at the reactors, and they worked well, it werent the reactors, it was something other wich caused them to explode. Also: 90% of all stuff i had was Legit, also Gotix stu
  8. -.- you have problems in your reallife and your mad on me then? lol
  9. What exactly happened on Nightfurys server that makes everyone rage on you?

  10. The Lag can also be caused by Worldanchors used with Quarrys (big Quarrys) or Quarrys without a empty chest (All items drop on floor=lag)
  11. YOu know, you can visit the server... this will even speed up your activation.
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