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  1. thank you all! and i was able to register btw. :)
  2. with the new redesigned technic pack is this fixed?
  3. still stuck... i have given up trying until there is a fix...
  4. i heard mediafire does not work either. anyone know where it will work if i upload it?
  5. Launcher Version: Operating System: Windows 7 Java Version: JAVA 7 Antivirus Program: norton Description of Problem: I made a customized version of tekkit lite and put it in a custom modpack that includes the tekkit lite files via a dropbox public link. i used the vanilla "modpack? to install it, (because i have a normal tekkit lite server going with my brother,) but it comes out completely vanilla! not 1 mod is installed! i have tried changing folders, fooling around with the jar files, even changing it form rar to zip. it keeps being completely vanilla. i followed the instructions! can someone please help. also i might just be doing something wrong. if no one could fix this, maybe a tutorial would be nice. Error Messages: none Error Log: i got no errors but no mods!