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  1. Ok so I recently began work on a tekkit classic for me, my cousin, and about 10 other friends to play on and so far everything has gone smoothly.......Except one thing. I can connect to my server using my network IP (I'm hosting and playing on two seperate computers) but no one can join when they put in my external IP It is frusterating me and making me quite mad that I have this server running, but nobody can join it. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you
  2. mage science test im 13 and im bored and im a really good tekkit guy my Skype is rollinexcavater5244 im also a whovian id really enjoy playing with ya because ive been looking for a crew for a yogscast type tekkit thing so ya hope you let me in thx and have a good day
  3. ill play I really enjoy tekkit its awesome my mc name is rollinexcavater and my Skype is rollinexcavater5244