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  1. MODPACK NAME: Infamy – Modern Warfare R1 SERVER IP: Infamy.mc-server.net Instructions: 1. Click Technic Search Bar 2. Type in: Infamy – Modern Warfare R1 3. Click Install and Play 4. Select Multiplayer 5. Copy and Paste IP: infamy.mc-server.net Feature: - Tanks | Guns | Helicopters | Missiles - 90% Uptime - PvP | Factions | Ranks Rules: - No Excessive Spamming - No Exxessive Cursing - Ask other
  2. Bug Fix: - disabled carpenter door: server crash
  3. Fixed: Alc Table Glitch Fix Some Lag Issues, Credit toolsforthejob Added: tps stat on scoreboard /tps command Changed: New Spawn, Credit JamesIWI
  4. Update: Fixed Griefprevention glitch Blocklogger plugin re activated Removed emc on some items on Buildcraft and Anchor
  5. Update: Added more ranks Player Market Now Fixed Some Quarry Bug now Fixed
  6. 1/22/2016 Changelog: +1 vote link +added /helpme <message> for asking help +added mk1 mk2 donor pack + /kit tools is now working
  7. 1/20/2016 Changelog: + vote link enabled, you will get +claim blocks + updated useful commands
  8. Beta Release 0.1 : + Added more plugins + New Spawn
  9. zCarl: Tekkit Legend Beta IP: tekkitlegend.zcarl.net General Features: PvE - Anti Grief - Greif Prevention 24/7 - 95%+ Uptime All Mods Enabled Cool Features: Lottery - Market - Clan - Keep Inventory - Ranks Rules: No Excessive Spamming No Griefing, Pvp Report bugs, hacks, exploits BannedItems: Work In Progress
  10. Add your server NOW! http://blightfallserver.net Instruction: 1. Register 2. Wait for activation 3. Add your server note: email activation may take up to 24 hours to be activated
  11. Bug Report Quick Template: Whats your minecraft name? What mod does it belong? What item/machine? How to replicate the bug? What are you doing before it happen? How to patch or fix it? Do you have crash log? Opinion about the bug?
  12. Can anyone tell how to setup blightfall server with plugins in it? ie. Cauldron version? What java version? How many ram to allocate? Is the server working?
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