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  1. I actually did try that (although my machine is very much not slow), but it didn't affect it. I also play an FTB modpack with forestry in it, and the particles show up fine there, so I'm thinking that there's a setting off in my big dig install somewhere.
  2. This is probably a dumb issue, but...my aviaries aren't showing the floating particles they used to show when I had an active queen in them. I'm using the latest build of bigdig 3.1.13, I think, and at the moment, the only extra mod I have is Backpack. I haven't changed any settings, I have a good computer, and I don't have my particles turned off. Is the no-particles thing normal now, or is there something I can do to bring them back? I found them very helpful for telling me when my queen bees were dead.
  3. I totally would, but I have no idea how to make texture pack addons (otherwise, I'd probably take a stab at making my own entire texturepack).
  4. The mod pack yes, but I'm assuming at least the majority of the mods would have been around for a bit. .... and that was an awfully hostile response to a totally reasonable question.
  5. I did go through their patch list, but I couldn't find some, like Natura, Project Zulu or Hexxit Gear. Unless I'm just missing them?
  6. Was wondering if anybody knew of any (preferably HD) texturepacks that have most of the Hexxit mods included? Right now I switch between Soartex and Sphax, but both of them are missing large chunks of mods (like Natura, which means my poor pink house looks weird compared to the land around it). I'd try and make my own, but I have NO idea how.
  7. Huh, I didn't know that, I thought it just transmuted like the old philosopher's stone. Thanks :)
  8. That's useful for some stuff, but does it let you craft things like pickaxes and torches?
  9. Um, how? I have NO idea how to do that (total mod newbie, even installing Optifine was hard for me). Is there a mini-tutorial or something somewhere I can reference?
  10. Can the next update of Big Dig pretty please include Optifine? I love using my HD textures, and having to install Optifine manually after updates is a wee bit of a pain. Also - some kind of pocket crafting table would be lovely. I tried adding one myself, but adding Factorization gave me ID conflicts, and the two standalone options I tried just crashed it (although knowing how mod-savvy I'm NOT, that might have been me screwing up).
  11. I just tried to install Optifine onto my Big Dig mod, but now I can't play - whether I try a new world or an older one, I'm stuck at "Building Terrain". I'm using Optifine 1.4.6 HD A3 with the Launcher version of Big Dig, and it's the only extra mod. I have Windows 7 64-bit with 4gig of ram allotted to Technic, and 64-bit Java installed (and Java is up-to-date, far as I know). I'm not getting any kind of error screen, it just stays on 'Building Terrain". Even tried letting the game sit for like 10 minutes and nothing else happened. (Also, as installing it to the minecraft.jar didn'
  12. Wow, that was pretty harsh. I watched the same video about 5 times and didn't come to that conclusion either. All the video seemed to state was to make folders for the various mods you needed, it didn't say you could replace specific files. Not everybody here is a professional modder, some of us DO need the step-by-step instructions, not just the vague ones the video shows.
  13. I'm having the same problem - the video is great if you want to add something to a pack - but useless if you want to use one of the "Custom" slots to completely create your own. (In my case, I want to create a pack that's a merge of the Dev. Technic with a few mods from Yogbox). Is there some kind of "Custom Packs for Dummies" tutorial out there?
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