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  1. No worries - that's the price I pay for using MCPC+ ... I get great server performance, but every now and then I have to wait to use a mod. I'll keep trying with each new release, but I won't post any more crash reports unless you specifically ask for Bukkit testing again. Thanks!
  2. I know. His last update also asked that Bukkit users try it again. MCPC+ integrates Bukkit and Forge together, so I was testing again at his request.
  3. Hey there, I saw you wanted some Bukkit testing. I was one of those w/ errors before, so I tested again. I got further along this time. Before I would crash trying to break a block. Now I can place and break without issue. When I put a motor down and a lever, then flipped the lever, I crashed. EDIT: This crashed the server, not the client. Testing in my creative mode test world didn't crash the client. It moves the frames just fine. Due to character limits, I had to truncate the log below. I shortened the line below in order to fit the whole log. Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-
  4. Documentation for this will probably always be a bit vague. This isn't really meant for anyone to run. By the way, Solder itself isn't something to learn - Solder is PHP code. If you really want to learn the best way to get this up and running, start with learning how to setup Laravel (http://laravel.com). Laravel is a PHP MVC framework that is used to build web applications. You have to understand how to seperate the application code from the public html code. I suspect that's your problem right now, but without being able to see the file structure I can't tell for sure. So, I'd suggest g
  5. That error looks like a Laravel misconfiguration... if that's not configured right, then your API won't work, which will definitely lead to linking not working. The error states that there's an invalid argument supplied for a foreach command - which is a PHP issue, but for that error to appear, Laravel must be confused somewhere else. Triple check your paths, make sure your filenames and mod names don't contain any odd characters in them...
  6. When you create a zip file for a mod, you are first putting it into a "mods" folder, then zipping it. To do a coremods mod, just put it into a "coremods" folder. Same for configs... zip up a "mod" into a "configs" folder. As you change your configs, treat it like a mod and create new versions of it. All these mods unzip into the root directory, so whatever folder you put in the zip is where it'll go. You could package up texture packs this way, default client configs, etc, etc.
  7. I am too now, but I wasn't sure if it still wrote out data to the yml files. I updated my pack tonight and verified that the modpack.yml is not updated, so it looks like those can be removed now. Yellowmegaman, ignore my advice above about looking at the Aegis pack and their yml files. :)
  8. Hmm... I'm seeing a couple things based on your API link. First, your Mirror URL - I'm not sure that's correct. My mirror URL is a web accessible link, like http://www.domainname.com/modpacks. This is the root link to where my modpacks live. Yours is set to /var/www/repo while I believe it should be here: http://emik0.hopto.org:78/repo/ (note that this url will show your repository). Now if you browse to that URL, the YML files are missing. Here's the mirror URL for the Aegis Anarchy pack. Look through there and see how they have all their folders and files setup: http://technic.aegisgami
  9. For some reason my company has pastebin blocked here... I can't browse to it. VERY weird. I'll take a look at that tonight, if someone else hasn't answered you before then. As for the modpack.yml files - those are created by you. Well, the dev version of the Solder API has a dashboard that lets you modify it, so it MIGHT create it for you, but when I first set the system up I had to create all the yml files by hand. And these files are not brought down to your client. They are only configuration files for the Solder API. I'll take a look at that pastebin tonight when I can access it fr
  10. These are tough questions to answer from the outside looking in. I'll start with the cron job: You may be best starting off by creating a simple PHP file that writes to a text file or sends an email when it's run. Then setup a cron job to run that php file. This gives you a very simple file that you can run and know exactly what the outcome should be. Once you get that working (if it's possible with that host), then you'll know exactly how to proceed with artisan. My hosting is with dreamhost.com and I was able to get things working through SSH. You mentioned that it didn't work through S
  11. Mod adding is discussed further up this thread with editing the yml files - but I haven't yet updated my solder installation to the latest, so I'm not sure what's changed. SCT responded in another thread (here) about how to change your custom modpack to point at your solder installation. I think that's what you're asking about?
  12. You'd have to completely rebuild that mod pack on your own - and if you do, I'm pretty sure you'd be castrated for calling it a Mindcrack modpack. The Technic launcher doesn't use an instMods folder (though I wish it did have a similarly easy method). Instead you have to compile those mods into your modpack.jar. From what I've seen thus far, the Technic launcher is all about getting a modpack to your users that's ready to go. No customization on their part. Just download and go. I hope that one day they add features to the launcher that will let me customize my local client (with client o
  13. API link would be formed like this, but depends entirely on the folder structure you have setup: http://www.yourdomainhere.com/solder/api/ In that case, the solder files are in the solder subdirectory. Adding /api/ to the url triggers a controller action in Laravel, and renders json data. This is the root of your solder API, and the URL you would plugin to create a pack on TechnicPack.net
  14. I don't think GitHub would work - you need to be able to host the PHP files, not just store them. Also, you need to be able to setup a database for the PHP files to access. I'm sure there are plenty of places that allow free web hosting though. You just need to be able to setup a database (MySQL most likely), and you need to be able to run the artisan command either from a command line, or as a cron job.
  15. By the way, if you think the single file modpack hosted on dropbox was a pain to update, you aren't going to like updating Solder. It's much more difficult and error prone (for now). I'd honestly wait until the devs get it to a more user friendly state (which they are working on from what I understand).
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