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  1. No it doesn't support 1.6 yet, if you try to create a modpack on their site the most recent version to choose from is 1.6
  2. Ign: minecraftminer63 Position: co owner Experience: I've ran a few minecraft servers about a year ago and recently a smaller Tekkit classic server, I'm experienced with plugins MySQL and HTML coding. Why I want to help: I'd like to get bak into running a server but I don't want to start my own again I think helping you run yours would be the perfect position.
  3. Congratulations, this is the douchiest post i've ever seen.
  4. Ya best AMD, AMD CPUs are not very fast especially for single core apps, anyway don't want to start an amd vs intel war lol, you may not be able to get more performance then that with my 5ghz sandy bridge I still only get 130fps in Tekkit.
  5. Tekkit can only use one core therefore 20% is maxing one core of your CPU to increase performance get a faster CPU or overclock
  6. Hey me and a few friends are looking for other players comment with Skype name Must have Skype and a mic preferably 13 or older