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  1. Server will be down for 4 days until the end of the week as I'm travelling. Sorry for the inconvenience. Server back up!
  2. But trolling like you are, is allowed? You derailed this thread like nothing I've ever seen, congratulations on ruining a thread. How many are you up to now?
  3. Sorry to hear Rookie. I banned Codyroxs4 and after research I have now also banned the players in collusion with him- drummachine0000, Maluigi354, Prodfessor_Snape, aidan157 and 5up7. It's so sad how griefing is such a big part of Minecraft and nothing is done about it by the authors, instead we server admins have to all do the same thing over and over to create preventions. Until the authors do something, I will have to disable the staffs..
  4. If you're not playing LAN/singleplayer, what's the point in using a mod? Get MCPC+ and download Essentials..
  5. @lowep, Try this: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1538598-152-reallan-better-lan-servers-more-commands-and-fixes/ Were you happy that you could add nothing of value to the discussion?
  6. Excellent, thanks for the tip.
  7. This is constantly crashing my multiplayer server. Hoping for a fix soon.
  8. - The shop works, there's just not that many items in there- for a reason. If you need a special item, trade with other players. - Why? Don't you agree that variety is needed to keep the servers unique? I'm so tired of servers where many of the Minecraft survival experiences go away when you can just teleport between your spawn, house, experience farm and exploring route. - You get money by trading with other players.
  9. Eagle, I play in the Hexxit server (I think you see my name here is the same in minecraft), and I would like to talk to you about something important. Please send me a private message when you read this :) Thanks in advance.

  10. Features: Europe: We Europeans deserve low ping while playing Hexxit too! Hard PVE: Work together to conquer Hexxit Grief Prevention: Protect your items by creating claims with a chest and golden shovel. McMMO: Climb the ladders to become the strongest fighter or the best fisher- it's up to you! Economy: Trade and barter to acquire wealth. Shops: Feeling lazy, no one to trade with, or just in a shopping-mode? The traditional spawn shop will serve you well. Banned commands: /home /tp /tpa /sethome - These commands are taken for granted on most servers and are banned here to encourage actual Minecraft survival gameplay. Without those commands, there is a risk in everything you do- you can't just teleport out of danger (and no, delay before teleport is not a counter to that, you could just block yourself in to prevent damage) Banned Item(s): Ender Bow - crashes the server. Rules: #1 - Don't nag, beg, spam and swear. #2 - Do treat others with respect. #3 - Don't grief, abuse, dupe, cheat, hack and other things your parents wouldn't like you to do. #4 - Do tell staff members if something is wrong, but adhere to #1 and #2 when you do it. IP: shexxit.hopto.org Host Spec: Intel i7-2600K @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs) 16GB RAM 100/10 mbps
  11. Username: Eaglesight Age: 21 Why Tekkitopia? Tekkitopia stands out as a long-lasting server where kind and respectful people play, and that's where I want to play :-) Your secret code: 10eag
  12. Hello everyone, The server isn't coming along very well I am afraid. It was too much hassle to get up again, due to instability caused by whatever mod which I am incapable to determine. As promised, here is a release of the map. I've made sure that it works with a fresh install of Tekkit Lite 0.6.1- so you can use that and just throw the map into your saves folder. World Download: http://goo.gl/EisQK I deeply apologize for things turning out this way- though I couldn't have done much to help it. Thanks to all who showed interest in the server, it was a pleasure serving you- Hope you find something new worth your attention. Moderators can close this thread at their own convenience.
  13. Remove/rename (for backup purposes) your coremods/mods/config and replace with the ones in this zip: http://localhostr.com/files/c9rVeSS/tekkitlite.zip ------ We are having some issues with the server right now, so it is practically unplayable at this moment. :-(
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