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  1. Hmm that is what I have been doing, I will try reinstalling the launcher I guess. Thanks anyway, and how is Tekkify coping with the Tekkit lite update? Last thing I heard, all the block ID's would be messed up.
  2. Hi Nent! One of your mods banned me from tekkify and won't let me back on lol. I stole some unclaimed quarries back on the old tekkify world. (Which ahref still hasn't put up for download, he's having trouble. :/) Anyway, I can't log onto my old tekkit server 1.3.2 with the new tekkit lite launcher, do you know why? Tekkit runs out of memory when I try to log in, my friend get's the error, it says "disconnected by server This server requires you to have minecraft forge installed. http://minecraftforge.net" This is on tekkit classic, using 1.3.2.
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