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  1. The "parasites" are still using the correct version as the server. Whoever joins on my hamachi server is able to play, however... outside the server people can't join. The firewalls are off, so are any other software that could possible interfere with the connection. I'm supposed to be wide open... So there might be an other problem. thanks so far for the quick response :)
  2. The problem is that i'm connected directly to the modem... (if I'm not mistaken) the default gateway IP brings up a "page not found" on the web-browsers (tried multiple). I've also come up with yet another question... Is it possible to have a newer client version of tekkit lite and login on an older version server? for example... right now the newest version of tekkit is 0.5.4 while the latest available server files are 0.5.2 Kind regards :)
  3. To follow up on the server ip and stuff... I've been wondering... How am I able to make my server public so that other people can join without using vpn software like Tunngle, Hamachi, etc...? What are the steps I need to take to accomplish that?
  4. Hi, First of all I'd like to see a topic like this one as a sticky on this forum because it could be usefull for other people. My question is fairly simple... I'm running my own Tekkit Lite server for myself and some friends but I've been having issues figuring out how to bring the server to 0.5.2/1.4.7! Does anyone know what I should do to bring the server to the newer version of Tekkit Lite without losing or damaging things on the server itself? Kind regards,
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