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  1. Hello, I am Synixproject Age - 18 As being a multi server owner and co owner i am happy to say this server owns a great love for its people and its media, This server alone has some of the best people i have ever seen, Always there to greet you with pleasure. I don't see it ever going bad. Sincerely~ Troy
  2. Im not a fucking noob -.- only assholes are noobs

  3. Im not a fucking noob -.-

  4. i need help trying to post a new server on the list and no one will help :(
  5. n.o.p.e ----- Us at dragon soul studio's welcome you to play to play you must obey only 4 rules = Rule 1 - No greifing Rule 2 - No making houses near spawn Rule 3 - No disrespect Rule 4 - NO SPAMing
  6. is my server acc please play :D

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