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  1. Hey Guys this server is the same server as one of the servers on like the last page, but the ip has changed! The old IP was And the new IP is Sorry for all the Inconviece, but my server dosent have a static IP yet but it will be getting one soon! Link to old Fourm Post: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/0-5-2-tetrukcraft-pvp-20slots-ee-enabled-mystcraft-enabled.35849/
  2. Hi Guys! This is TetrukCraft! The server isent 24/7.....YET but it will be up 24/7 ASAP! IP: No Whitelist. EE is Enabled. MystCraft is Enabled, but you must ask an admin to use it. RULES: _________________________________________________________________________________ NO GRIEFING, NO SPAMING, NO SWEARING, NO HARRESEMENT, DON'T ASK FOR RANKS OR OP, AND DEFENITALLY ALWAYS RESPECT THE STAFF! Allowed: _________________________________________________________________________________ Raiding PvP Hacks TetrukCraft was origanally a tekkit clasic server with like 50 plugins and entire MU's, but we converted over to TekkitLite and added only a few plugins. The world for our origanal server was not uploaded to our new TekkitLite server because the world map is so huge it would lag the server to its death XD. PLUGINS: _________________________________________________________________________________ All of Essentials, Factions-Not quite working at the moment, ForgeEssentials, WorldGaurd, and finally WorldEdit-ONLY FOR OP'S AND ADMINS!
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