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  1. Hey ! What's going on with the server !? it have been down for a while now..

  2. Aha, this all sounds too familiar. Same shit happened to my friends and I. Had a lot of one item, they accused us of duping. Blew up our base. Even have photos of it.
  3. Thanks a lot. We're also going to be looking for some Moderators very soon most likely.
  4. The version is 1.1.3 with the new launcher. Also, I'll try to fix that for you Cammino
  5. Everyone who wants to join the server needs to get the newest technic launcher and update to 1.1.3
  6. Not sure if they are implemented in my version of factions but I added the permissions just in case.
  7. We're updating files to the new host now But I will actually add permissions to use the player chestshops.
  8. Nope, everything will be as it was. Backed up the server and copied it to my PC before we switched.
  9. If it doesn't work, try deleting your .technic and .techniclauncher folder in your %appdata% folder. If that doesn't work, maybe try deleting your .minecraft folder as well.
  10. IP will be the same as before, but yeah the images are messed up until placed down :p
  11. Well, I learned that with the different files that 1.1.3 bring, we couldn't use the hosting we had so we got a different host with better specs as well. But to answer your question, hopefully not long at all. We're going from 4gb ram to 32gb ram so that should help out a lot.
  12. I know that nuclear missiles are messed up so you can't craft them but if anyone gets the materials to make them you can just trade them with one of us to get it. I also know they fixed the circuits and seems they changed all the recipes with the control circuit to the basic circuit.
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