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  1. Problem with GD gfx/forestry/gui/bioengine.png The requested document cannot be retrieved at this time. This happened for no apparent reason. re zipped files and didn't happen again. so just informing you Also are the Dl drop box and Google drive supposed to be different. I downloaded both, and they are very different.
  2. IGN : Tkdsamuel Reason: Reapply to be part of staff Why should I be part of staff: Im honesty, like this server and some one the staff that run it, also have a very STRONG dislike of griefers and/or cheating. Staff position: YES (want to put on fun and cool events)
  3. How do I put this with out ranting to hard? Well the server was grief ed. Causing massive amounts of damage. Of what was lost was my start on the server which included 6x level 1 energy condenser 1x level 1 relay 1x trans tab 1x generator, macetor, electric furcance So the players of the server get punished for the evil acts of another?
  4. IGN: Tkdsamuel REASON FOR MEMBER: Besides the basic reason. I want to be able to build my contraptions and have them safe REASON FOR ACCEPTANCE: Well I dont know why i should be accepted besides that I will bring alot of cool contraptions to the server.
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