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  1. Hey guys, idk if this is allowed or not but i wanted to ask if someone could make textures for Darkhax's Bladecraft mod. Please and thank you in advance.
  3. Many of the mods' creator here say the following "You have permission to use this in a modpack for noncommercial use." The only exception is Bladecraft which i requested the modmaker to use. A update will be added in shortly. Please give me a few seconds :3
  4. Updated! Added a beta version for all you people :D
  5. Infernal mobs applies to all 'hostile' mobs. Imagine fighting a skeleton that shoots fire or lightning arrows at you, or withers you health down to zilch. Or a creeper that can shoot you into the air and web you to the spot. and yes rei's minimap is slightly overpowered, but to be honest, you'll need it to survive more then one night xD i'm also working on releasing an update to it stick around for updates.
  6. Alright.......i'll fix it up a bit.
  7. If you're using a jar you need to get the updated on. Use the .exe if you're on a window's computer.
  8. Um....okay.....I'll edit the original post to make it a bit more catchy and maybe put a video link.
  9. i'm sorry D: it's my first modpack that i worked on forever and i hope it's good.
  10. *bump* sorry guys, i just wanted to know what everyone thought of this so far...what bugs errors etc.
  11. I believe optifine works with tekkit in smp, but ssp it's bugged.
  12. Well i'm just wondering if i can My modpack's unofficial (derp) But, i want people to try it out and rate it as well as report bugs. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/x8ipie1x0qebnrr/Survivalist%27s%20Modpack.zip?dl=1 You put this in the custom zip area in a custom modpack. Go to options and it should be there...thanks in advance.
  13. Hello Everyone! Akitori here with a custom modpack This modpack, unlike the Yogbox, tekkit, voltz and technic is made for mainly people who enjoy truly surviving. In essence, this modpack makes hardcore insanely difficult and easy normal mode. It's made for farmers, hunters, and a lot more. The full lists of mods is as followed Rei's minimap Status effect hud Armor status effect hud Asgard Shield and sword (Nether and hallowed addons) Bladecraft Better Furnaces Legend Gear Vanilla with sprinkles Craft Guide Infernal mobs Inventory tweaks More bows mod Pam's Mods (All of harvest craft) and finally Iron chests mod! here's a video showcase 0sC7LkjH1-o[/youtube] Be sure to tell me if you like this modpack. Thanks NEWEST VERSION VERSION 2.0.1! Adds in beta mods, as well as one secret item :3 (hint use fire arrows ) https://dl.dropbox.com/s/1ikqhteziexibol/Survivalist's Modpack Version 2.0.1.zip?token_hash=AAE8mf54IayOnUU6XCj7MWgVpD033qjLFqPNok2mAWbQxg&dl=1 Installation 1. Scroll to custom modpack (whichever as long as it's empty) 2. go to options 3. Get le link from above. 4. Paste the link to custom zip 5. Launch it NEW! Beta version! Adds in Bibliocraft Starting inventory Animal bikes And a secret one being worked on as we speak :3
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