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  1. If you are looking for support of MCEdit and WorldEdit, check out my latest post: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/native-bukkit-support-complete-0-5-7-server.37657/ It is a packaged working build that is 100% compatible with Bukkit. I dunno if it will help. Your old world file should work fine with this.
  2. Just throwing this back out there, it is my entire server, packaged, ready to use.
  3. Me too! I worked really hard on a compatible setup that would reduce griefer incidents. This really does work. I run an open server - no whitelist - and we have never had a major griefing incident. Even if we did, we do 5 days worth of 15 minute backups. No PVP and mobile spawnpoints really help.
  4. Current: 0.5.7 MCPC - #74 Core This is the server I run, I rarely deal with ANY griefer problems. If I can inhibit griefers, even a little, by giving this out. I am happy to do so. As I update, I will update this server and re-post a new link. READ THE README. No seriously, just read the damned thing. If you can not take time to follow my instructions, you deserve whatever happens. Note: CoreProtect is for logging block placement. It does not work for rolling back changes. With GriefPrevention, you will not need to anyhow. READ THE README http://www.sendspace.com/file/2f2wib Notice: I take no credit for any of the plugins here, just the configuration and compilation. Thanks to the guy on this forum who tipped me off to MCPC. Yes There Is: Yes there is a ton of banned items. These items bypass GriefPrevention. I am working on fixing this with another plugin. However, it is totally worth it. For every banned item, there is an alternative. People might complain at first, but they will complain more about having their builds wrecked.
  5. To everyone who wants to play, I removed the whitelist as an experiment. Hit us up.
  6. Damn dude, you just saved my life. Thank you so much! I will be posting a working ZIP of the latest build with working Grief Prevention.
  7. Core Protect starts up, but does nothing. It does not detect when and where blocks are broken or placed. It does not rollback changes. I have the latest bukkitforge and I have tried several versions of CoreProtect.
  8. Just to confirm, Grief Prevention still does NOT work. I would pay just about anything to see this working with Tekkit Lite. Does anyone know what the reason behind them switching libraries between Tekkit and Tekkit Lite?
  9. Hey Josh, we just banned a guy named Joshua, he had a different ID from you. If that was you, let me know. I made his IP and ID public.
  10. Home of the Air King! Home Page: http://airking.enjin.com IP: (Read The Rest Before Joining) airking.mcph.co:25839 Plugins: (Some of Them) Grief Prevention <- If You Are Griefed, You Did Not Follow Instructions Core Protect Tekkit Customizer Population Density NoCheatPlus Custom Anti Cheat Custom Grief Prevention Banned Items: (See Forums List) Generally Any Item That Can ByPass Grief Prevention (Block Breakers, Lasers, Ect) Complete List Coming Soon Rules: (See Forums) http://airking.enjin.com/forum/m/10593183/viewthread/5556442-rules-air-kingdom Background: We are going to do a little experiment. After years of hosting a server for 10-15 friends, we decided to open our doors using a whitelist. We thought that people might be nice and play along. HELL! WE WHERE WRONG! We had more porn bots, troll bots, trolls, griefers, team speak bots, 'avo meetings' and general assholes in one hour than I have met in my life on the internet. So we closed the server off. Tekkit Lite has been such a pain to get anti-griefing up, it was our only choice. However, we think that the anti-griefing plugin is generally working now. So we are lifting the whitelist. So come play with us. We do not wipe, we fix problems. However, there is generally one rule, act like an adult. It is so simple. Come play with us. Additional: Do not make fun of people for their: - Beliefs - Interest (This Includes Bronys) - Sexual Orientation - Race - Anything Else
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