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  1. I'm Sorry it has been down, If you have heard about the fiasco at KBG Servers, that affected us, if you would like a copy of the email they sent out to us, pm me your email address. The server should be back up now.
  2. CERN Industries, A Voltz server, Mine and create your arsenal on the weekdays, and go to war on the weekends, on weekends we turn off all the PVP/ICBM protection and you all can go to war. For the most part, All PVP is allowed, but don't kill noobs, (People who have been on for less than an hour.) NO GRIEFING EXCEPT ON THE WAR DAYS (weekends) You start as an applicant until you go through spawn, and then after that, you are hired as an Employee. Here is the Ranking system: CEO (Chief Executive Officer ) ==== Cern_Reaktor == THE BOSS! COO (Chief Operating Officer ) === clawzkillu12 == Second in command. CMO (Chief Management Officer)== Drewz_an_ass == The third in command. HR (Human Resources) == Manage the staff. Managers =========== Fix problems and watch over everything. Employees ========== General players Applicants =========== When you first join. You can't do anything until you have read the rules and gone through the rules. IP: IF I get enough donations, I plan to upgrade my server, so I can get Multiverse and just have a world for Creative PVP (MISSLES!!!). I would only need about $20 a month . ALL ARE WELCOME!
  3. Name:Stefan Burgoyne Minecraft Username:Cern_Reaktor Age:14 Preffered Tekkit Mod:IC2/RP2 Are you banned in any server(Y/N):N