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  1. Thanks minchar, I'll definitely have to try this setup. It even has a master on/off switch which is something else I wanted to have. EDIT: I just set this up with insulated wire and bundled cables so I can have my MFSU and on/off switch in my house, and my reactor farther away.
  2. Fair enough. I'll look into these NOT gates and stuff and see what I can come up with. EDIT: Well I'm close I think, but the trouble is, if I get into a situation where the MFSU is full, and it happens to be overheating or something, then it'll just stay on, making the problem worse.
  3. Well when I try it in creative it turns on with a signal. I think I watched a DW20 video where he said it's the opposite in Tekkit lite to what it was in Classic. EDIT: Ya, just went into creative and when it gets a signal, it turns on.
  4. But the reactor turns on when it gets a redstone signal, so when the MFSU transmits, itll just keep it turned on
  5. I've found the reactor layout that I want, and I figure if I hook up a thermal monitor to it and have it emit when under around 1-2000 degrees, That'll be a decent safety shutoff, but I also want to add a system that turns the reactor off when the MFSU is EDIT: Full, but the trouble is, it's already getting a redstone signal from the thermal monitor. Does anyone know how to set up a system like this?
  6. Try this thread I made. I had a similar problem with my single player world.
  7. I seem to be having this problem with dimensional anchors causing my worlds not to load. I've seen other threads saying that updating to version 52.1.4 solves the problem, but this seems to do nothing for me. I've also tried DA 52.1.6, and even tried deleting the DA file from the mods folder of Tekkit Lite and still nothing. My world will periodically load once in a while, but then when I get it working it won't work the next time I start up Tekkit. I've also tried using version 0.5.7 of Tekkit Lite that just became the recommended version today with manually updating DA to 52.1.6 and I can't get my world to load. Just tested something else, and it seems that with Optifine installed it won't load, then I removed it and my world will now load. I was using Optifine version 1.4.6_HD_U_B6, but updating to Optifine C2 with Tekkit lite version 0.5.7 and DA 52.1.6 looks like it actually works. So if anyone else is having trouble with DA not allowing their worlds to load, maybe try this combination of mods and whatnot. Started out as a plea for help thread, I guess now it's a 'hope this helps' thread. Optifine: DA updates: Best of luck
  8. Ok, I think I found it, is this the thread that solved it?
  9. Which anchor? The dimensional anchor? I also just started having this problem too, as well. Can you provide a link or something showing where you updated it or just a bit more info please?
  10. As far as I know I didn't change or do anything different, but my single player world suddenly stopped working. I tried taking the world over to a server and got the same problem. It just hangs in the loading screen. I tried waiting as long as 20 minutes and still nothing. This is what was in the crash report folder. Sorry if it's not the right thing to post, if it's not please let me know and I'll find the right file. EDIT: Must've been some problem with a mod or something, Updated to version 0.5.4 and it's working again, so yay! Nuclear meltdown, here I come.
  11. I've been playing Tekkit on my own server for a few days now, and I keep getting huge FPS drops, like down to 1-5 fps when I open a chest, or a crafting table or my inventory, or just when I look in a certain direction, but then it sometimes goes away on its own, or if I face a different way when I open a chest or machine interface. I don't have any crazy machines or anything, the only real thing I've build so far is a solar panel factory, and it's not even that big. Aside from a small quarry nearby, this is all I have on my server. Does anyone know what could be causing this? It's just me on the server btw, hosted on my own machine. i5 2500k, nvidia 560 ti, 8 gb of RAM.