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  1. I have discovered the answer via a helpful YouTube tutorial!
  2. I tried doing that as well and although it generated a dimensional portal (no door, just the stone structure) nothing else was generated. All I saw were dirt blocks in places where oil supposedly would have been. The ores weren't there either. I will download the file again and start from the Tekkit.jar file alone from the beginning. *EDIT/UPDATE* Downloaded the server zip and launched the Tekkit.jar file. Success! Everything is there. Thanks for that! I will post on here again if anything weird occurs. After I went to Tekkit. This was a fresh start for me so I had no previ
  3. Hello, it has been a while since I have visited the forum and I do not know what to mark this thread as a big or something so if an admin sees this thread as a mispost then please redirect this accordingly. Now to the topic of the thread. I have recently started to play Tekkit again and would like to start a server. With the launcher already on my desktop I went ahead to the page to download the Tekkit 1.1.10 server. After downloading I extracted the files to a separate folder and then started the server by launching the minecraft_server .jar file. I proceeded with launching Tekkit Main an
  4. So I have stumbled across something weird today when I updated to the new launcher and everything. Apparently if I create a world in SP and want to delete it it will not allow me to do so until I exit the launcher, log back in and start the game again. I do not know what this is at all, anyone else have this issue?
  5. Before you decide to formulate a statement with that inattentive brain of yours make sure you read the whole thread and see what is going on, especially from the authors perspective. If you actually read what my replies were then you would know that I was correlating the updating process of Classic with Lite and was therefore curious if it would ever be [updated]. The last thing I need is a twelve year old telling me to get a life so think twice before you type next time.
  6. I will not shout because this makes perfect sense and it is enough of an explanation to be honest, I can assume the values of x and y if anything haha I was just correlating Classic to Lite and was wondering if it will end up the same way.
  7. Okay, it seems that I did break one of the rules before posting which is expecting an ETA but that is only 1/2 of my question so I do apologize for that. Now I am not demanding it be updated for those of you that rudely seemed to assume so (then again you may have interpreted my question in an odd fashion) and also I clearly stated "if" it will be even updated, considering (if I remember correctly) that Tekkit Classic has been on 1.2.5 this whole time (but then again I haven't played Tekkit Classic in a while...).
  8. Hey guys, so Minecraft officially put out the new 1.5 update today; with this update there are some new blocks put into vanilla some of which are redstone. Now my question is when or even if Tekkit Lite will go forth and update to Vanilla 1.5?
  9. (Professor Grizwald Voice) Hello everyone! I am looking to join a small, mature (18+) group of gentlemen to venture forth and explore the world of Tekkit (preferably Lite), as well as bask in the fruitful bounty of infinite human ingenuity. I am 18 years old, prefer to socialize with the more mature group, do not fancy griefing or pvp at all, do fancy friendly competition (as seen on Tekkit with Duncan: Magicians vs. Scientists), have some experience in tekkit but still fairly new to the mod (I have built a macerator and a geothermal generator, that's about it), don't mind cursing as
  10. Ahh, that I have not looked at yet! Well that's a bummer :/ In the end I guess it can be OP, slow...but OP. Thank you for the post!
  11. Ahh I see, tried it out and it works perfect! On the other hand I am in fact a fan of having large arrays of engines haha. I had this setup I wanted to try out and when I saw that redstone engines don't work with pipes anymore I died a little on the inside :/ But this will do I guess. Do you think they will allow for engines to work with conductive pipes again?
  12. Are you simply stating the issue at hand or are you saying that they "just don't work" because they are inefficient at producing EU? If it is the issue at hand then my question to you is why they no longer work when in the past they did? I mean it is an engine of some sort therefore it should be able to produce power right? If not then it shouldn't be called an engine anymore since they only thing it can do now is allow items to travel through pipes, that would be called a pump I believe?
  13. Ahh okay, thank you very much for the info. I apologize for making a senseless post about an outdated topic haha, seems that I didn't take the time to actually delve really deep into finding it, that or I simply did not know where to look.
  14. Hello chaps, so I was in the process of experimentation and tried to see if a redstone engine could generate EU via conductive pipes (considering other engines do) but sadly nothing happened. So I searched Google on the idea and found some videos of people actually having success with the system (redstone engine, conductive pipes, LV gen., batbox), this in turn has left me a bit confused. Do redstone engines no longer conduct EU?
  15. Hey bro's/broettes, so I started a new server for tekkit lite and believe to have encountered maybe a bug of some sorts. Now, in my previous servers and times playing tekkit lite I have never encountered something like this: when I first place down my machines (in this case I have a macerator, geothermal generator, and an extractor) they face in their normal directions but after I diconnect, change a texture pack, or even leave to mine and return they seem to have switched their facing positions...Here is a photo of the problem. Any ideas?
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