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  1. We have shut down and changed to FTB. We can be found on the forums there.
  2. Fuchs, lilnext, Facade, cbomb and mega are whitelisted. Enjoy. Meanwhile spencerlee200 was banned due to griefing unprotected land.
  3. Added, sorry. My bad. Save messed up and was gone during the day. Added. Also added jacktheeternal, ozoomaroo, oxxaussiexxo, jesusthekiller and concrist.
  4. I had your IGN wrong, my bad. Fixed. Up to you, both work. Some go in the wild, some go build in the village. Village will get expanded soon. I'll be reading the other apps in a bit and whitelist possibly any of them.
  5. I don't know if, concrist is also your IGN so get back to me on that. Let me know your IGN.
  6. Both of you have been added to the white list, hope to see you in game soon. We've been having GREAT people so far. We've developed onto running our plugins more smoothly now. Either way, welcome!
  7. Bram07, Major_Creepist, MondayMoon, Aayom, BlackOblivion25, Emerie, vavashi and his friend PhoenixVirus all have been white listed. Hope to see you in game. If I got any of your IGN's wrong, let me know. I'll fix ASAP. I noticed some of you already trying to log in. Should be possible now. :D
  8. That's fine, you can keep anything you want to yourself. Time will tell. Either way, both of you have been white listed! IP is in the post. Thanks guys.
  9. We're done with the last changes we had to make therefore, server is open.
  10. Hey, what's up! My name is Kevin and I am here to advertise(?) for Pyromys. Pyromys is a server a friend of mine and myself started around 2-3 days ago. We've been kinda setting up ever since and we think we're as ready as we can be to invite some of you over! Heck, maybe some of you can even give us some tips on how to improve. We've hosted servers before but never really put it out to the public. You guys! Either way, let me sum up some details regarding Pyromys. RULES. I figure most of you just hate to follow a long list of rules, therefore I'll keep it short. Obviously no grie
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