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  1. Hi I'm playing Blightfall and are trying to do Thaumcraft proper for the first time. I've seen that people have mana-bean farms, but I can only find iter-beans. Is this the only beans you can find in Blightfall, or am I just very unlucky?
  2. You will need to scout, and look for ethereal blooms.
  3. Did the landmarks pop out of the ground? You may need to log out/back in.
  4. Or use a 3x3 watersource, 4 redstone engines to run the pump and a world anchor to keep the pump loaded.
  5. Guess you say it yourself - more panels and batboxes are the answer. The geothermal idea is also a great one. Not to mention combustion engine with fuel (much more power than oil.)
  6. A quarry can use a large amount of power, and the energy link has loss. Think you need a few low voltage solar arrays and more batboxes.
  7. Just for some extra information - Have he tried logging in from a computer where it's confirmed that it works? Say - used his loggin at his sisters computer.
  8. If you can mine using the powertool while standing on the ground, but not when flying, it might be that the powersource cannot deliver enough power for both at the same time.
  9. Have you tried taking of the suit and mine "old style" just to see what happens then? If that works, you might wanna try different combinations to see when it goes wrong.
  10. Even though rain is random, I would assume that there is a percentage chance of rain at any given time, and that this seed can be changed.
  11. Ah - my error. Apparently coffee looks very similar to iron and fold plants, but when you only want coffee to mature, it's not needed.
  12. It was not your post that was hostile, but the reply you got. Anyways - you need to plant coffee above either gold or iron ore blocks(don't remember which) The ore should be placed below the dirt, but no deeper than 3 blocks down. (IOW - you got space for both iron and gold ore.)
  13. I am not looking for someone to make a series with, I am announcing that I am making a series on my own ;-)
  14. Hi there I'm doing a Tekkit Lite Let's play / playtrough in Norwegian. There are quite a few episodes already, and I hope to be able to keep up the pace. The goal is to get to use more or less all the possible machines etc. that is available. I have named the series "Malawis Tekkit Lite eventyr", and you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MalawisLilleKanal -- Heisann Jeg holder på med en Tekkit Lite serie på norsk. Jeg har allerede lagt ut endel episoder, og håper på å klare å holde utgivelsestempoet oppe. (Selv om jeg har kommet til et punkt der jeg må undersøke l
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