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  1. The Enderverse is a new server with active staff, running "The 1.7.10 Pack". If you don't already know, this modpack is a huge, amazing creation with around 200 active mods! Whatever you like to do- there's going to be something for you. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in-game! We also have an official website, which is listed below. Several Important Plugins: RewardVoting, GriefPrevention, Multiverse, iConomy, Essentials, BanItem, Worldguard Official Website: http://theenderverse.com/ This modpack is run on the Technic Launcher. Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack.453902 Modpack API: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack You can connect with mc.theenderverse.com . Restarts are every three hours, and the server takes about two and a half minutes to restart. If it is down and I haven't left a post on the official website about why it is down, it is just a restart. See you soon!
  2. Going camping this weekend, but that doesn't mean you guys can't get on and have some fun! I'll be back around lunch EST on Sunday.
  3. Thinking about another update with a few more mods in it. If you have any suggestions, leave them and I'll be sure to check them out! Thanks!
  4. Just added Votifier to the server along with some listeners- each vote you give gets you one diamond! See you guys in the game!
  5. Currently setting up a much-needed MySQL Database and LogBlock- sorry for the downtime.
  6. Hey guys! I'm going to try and play a good bit this weekend, and perform some server maintenance. Feel free to stop by!
  7. Hey guys, Sorry that I've been so busy lately. I'm back now, so I'll try to play for a good bit today. Come on and play with me- anyone is welcome! See you on the server! ~Swordsyke
  8. It's the weekend- come on over and play! -Sword
  9. SwordTekkians and Others, I believe that the modpack is fixed with the new update, along with the new server IP being automatically included in the modpack with the new update. Please try to get on the server, and tell me what is wrong if anything goes wrong! Thanks so very much, Swordsyke
  10. NT1998, I have just transferred my server to a different node, which is in Washington, DC. This is why the server has been down.
  11. Currently attempting to switch my server data center from Ashburn, VA to Washington DC, due to the rampant DDoSing of the Ashburn, VA data center. This might take a little while.
  12. Sorry everyone, but for some reason my node from my server hosting company is currency experiencing difficulties, most likely DDoS. Next billing cycle I am considering transferring the server to a different server hosting company. Thank you for understanding!
  13. NT1998, thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking into it.
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